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Ireland’s Oldest Pub: Sean’s Bar in Athlone

Which one is Ireland’s oldest pub? It’s Sean’s Bar in Athlone. If you are travelling around Ireland a visit to Sean’s Bar is a must. Just a quick search on Instagram for Sean’s Bar results in thousands of pictures from both Irish and international tourists appreciating the oldest pub in Ireland. History of Sean’s Bar […]


Gertie Browne’s Pub in Athlone

Gertie Browne’s pub is located on Custume Pier, just opposite Dead Centre Brewing and on the other side of the River Shannon from Athlone Castle. It has its own restaurant called Hatters Lane Bistro which was established in 1999. Gertie Browne’s History Gertie Browne’s location has been used as a hostelry since the XI century […]


Best Coffee in Athlone

Fancy a coffee? If you are passing through Athlone, or need a caffeine fix in Athlone, there is plenty of choice. Apart from its stimulating qualities, coffee can also become an experience in its own right. A coffee break can be a pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon (and there’s plenty of those in […]


Dead Centre Brewing Opens in Athlone

It’s alive! After years of hard work (you just need to read their website to learn the full story) Dead Centre Brewing has officially launched in Athlone at the end of February 2019. If you ever walked past the venue, formerly The Ritz Gastropub, you may have caught a glimpse of the smart interior from […]


Dead Centre Brewing Coffee Porter

Dead Centre Brewing is bang in the middle of Athlone, overlooking the river Shannon. They introduced the Moondust Coffee Porter together with Bell Lane Coffee, a specialty coffee roasting company from Mullingar. This is how Bell Lane Coffee described the porter on Instagram: “It has a slightly sweet and light malt body with notes of […]