Gertie Browne’s pub is located on Custume Pier, just opposite Dead Centre Brewing and on the other side of the River Shannon from Athlone Castle. It has its own restaurant called Hatters Lane Bistro which was established in 1999.

Gertie Browne’s History

Gertie Browne’s location has been used as a hostelry since the XI century under different names to offer rest and accommodation for people travelling across the island. Above the entrance to Gertie Browne’s you will see an inscription that says the pub was established in 1859.

Drinks at Gertie Browne’s Pub

Although there is a small selection of beers there are many brands of gin and whiskey to choose from. You’ll find many global brands gins like Bombay Sapphire and Kendrick’s but also Irish gins like Hapenny, Míl and even Graham Norton’s Irish Gin.

Guinness is always worth the wait

I visited the pub at the tail end of St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday weekend and a member of staff said it was the ‘calm after the storm’ as the day before the place was packed and everybody was rushed off their feet serving drinks. You could see that the bartenders were feeling a bit fatigued but that’s understandable. The place was quite empty but a group of people was laughing and joking merrily. I ordered a Guinness, which was poured patiently and perfectly, as it should be. While I was admiring the drinks shelves in all their shining glory and abundance of alcohol, I spotted a bottle of Amaretto di Saronno and thought next time I will treat myself to some.

Gertie Browne’s Ambience

The atmosphere is relaxed with an old world charm. There are many knick-knacks hanging from the ceiling and on display around the pub, which has a warm décor with wood panelling and low lighting. Online reviews often mention how authentic this pub feels and it’s a firm favourite by both locals and tourists. Talking of reviews, many people mention that they love looking at all the memorabilia and taking in the atmosphere. There weren’t many tourists when I went there but I saw them taking plenty of pictures of basically everything. In a way, Gertie Browne’s is like an antiques shop with several interesting objects. You can easily spend a few hours there simply enjoying your drink and taking in the atmosphere (or spamming your Instagram feed with dozens of photos).

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