Jalan Jalan opened in Athlone in December 2018. Jalan means leisurely walking or walking without a precise destination. Basically that’s what I did: I was walking around town and I saw the restaurant, the menu looked very attractive and reasonably priced. I ordered the vegetables spring rolls, the crispy roast duck and the hazelnut creme pyramid.

Food at Jalan Jalan

I must say the crispy roasted duck I had was excellent. The spring rolls were crunchy outside from the deep fried shell and inside from the fresh vegetables, which didn’t lose their crispiness after cooking. The dessert wasn’t a traditional Thai or Malaysian sweet but it was displayed beautifully on the plate, with a nod to the 70s I thought.

The food is cooked on the spot, no reheating, using all fresh ingredients. I spoke with chef Kenny and he told me the menu is inspired by Malaysian street food. He also said that the Satay chicken is the most popular dish and Jalan Jalan in Athlone is building from the strong brand from the Galway restaurant and is already proving a hit after only weeks from opening. Service is very friendly and the food arrives promptly. The restaurant’s decor is gorgeous with a vibrant colour scheme which makes you think you’re in Thailand.

On a separate visit I had the legendary Satay chicken skewers and the Thai green curry with beef. The chicken was soft and succulent and the sauce was sweet and slightly spicy. You can really taste the coconut milk and the peanuts add a nice crunch.

The Thai green curry had a gorgeous blend of spices with a fantastic aroma. The beef was sliced really thinly so it was obviously flash-cooked to retain its tenderness. The sauce was thick and satisfying. One of the best Thai green curries I’ve had.

Jalan Jalan Restaurant Ambience

Jalan Jalan is modern, informal and friendly. When I visited on different days I saw groups of friends, couples and families. The restaurant attracts a young crowd but it doesn’t feel intimidating for more mature clients. I dined at lunchtime so the atmosphere in the evening may be different – looking at Jalan Jalan’s Instagram stories I noticed that this venue is great for parties.

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