Kafe U is conveniently located on the Dublin Road just across from AIT – the Athlone Institute of Technology. At the time of writing, the cafe was busy with people who were either waiting to get their Covid-19 vaccine (in this case, me) or just got it. The AIT has been a Covid-19 test centre first and then a vaccination centre, so having a place to perk up nearby is a life-saver.

Kafe U Review

I treated my vaccination day as a holiday and I took myself out for brunch at Kafe U. You can either place your order with a member of staff, which I did, or use their QR code powered by flipdish, which is displayed at your table. I sat outside on a sunny day in June, the weather was perfect for eating al fresco.

Kafe U QR code
Kafe U QR code

If you scan the QR code it takes you to the menu and then to the payment section.

I checked with the staff and I was told that if you choose to order via their QR code the kitchen receives the order straight away.

My initial idea before I saw the menu was to have scrambled eggs on toast, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was quite tough choosing what to have for brunch: I was toying between the pancakes with maple syrup (Maple Madness Pancakes) and the Eggs Florentine. I chose the latter and I was absolutely delighted with it.

Kafe U QR menu

The service was fast and efficient, and my brunch arrived after a short wait. It came beautifully presented with an artistic balsamic glaze drizzle, with two poached eggs on top of exquisitely creamy and delicate spinach, rocket and mixed salad leaves, Hollandaise sauce and English muffins. I asked the waiter what the secret was for the spinach’s divine creaminess (it wasn’t from the Hollandaise sauce because I ate it on its own as well as mixed with the other ingredients) and I was told that the spinach is sautéed very simply with no added cream. All the flavours worked so well together and after the meal I felt full but not heavy, which is perfect when you have the rest of the day ahead of you.

Eggs Florentine at Kafe U Athlone
Eggs Florentine at Kafe U Athlone

This breakfast option also comes with a hot drink, either tea or coffee (coffee is my drink of choice when given the option). The coffee was a black Americano with a little serving of cold milk on the side.

I might have to try each and every item in the breakfast menu because everything looks so appetising (and, yes, I was eyeing out the other customers’ breakfasts and I definitely want to have the pancakes next time).