Yakisoba in Athlone is not just your traditional Chinese take-away: on the menu you will find Asian fusion dishes such as Thai Green Curry, which is the one I had when I last visited. Mind you, I was having food envy as I was eating my lunch because staff members and their family were having lunch at the table next to me and they had crispy duck, which is my all-time favourite.

I chose prawns for the curry – you can also choose chicken or tofu. The sauce was delicate, maybe it could do with a few more spices but overall very pleasant.

All the food is cooked fresh from scratch. This means that the service is very fast and efficient. You probably won’t be able to finish the free prawn crackers by the time your starter or main course arrives. The decor is modern and the atmosphere is welcoming – the pop background music can be hit or miss.

This place is really convenient if you are treating yourself to some retail therapy at Golden Island Shopping Centre. The restaurant is relaxing with plenty of light.

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